Buckley Pool could be closed for the rest of the summer

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - City officials say Utica's Buckley Pool could be closed for the remainder of the summer because the city is unable to make repairs. The pool was closed Tuesday after a pump broke and they have since found electrical issues as well.

The pool's broken pump combined with electrical issues are estimated to cost Utica more than $10,000 to repair.

"We're looking at two of our main pools, Addison- Miller and Buckley, that are over 100 years old so we're working with a lot of outdated stuff," said Youth Bureau Director Sean Brown.

The pool's unexpected costs are bad timing for the city's tight finances and the heat.

"Yesterday was hotter than today and it just ruined my whole day," said frequent swimmer Daniel Villa who lives nearby. "We were out here and it was a lot of heat outside and we didn't have anything to do but stay in the hot sun in the park."

However the city is trying to offer other ways for kids to stay cool.

"Fortunately I'm actually going to open up the rest of the watering holes in the city which are Wankel, Quinn, Pixley and O'Connor Park," said Brown.

City Officials say Buckley Pool's closure adds to their thoughts to start charging a pool fee in the future to help cover some of the pools unexpected costs and keep pools open.

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