Spitzer Under Investigation; "Kristen" Revealed

By Reported By: Michelle Franzen, NBC News

Governor Eliot Spitzer, who built his career on fighting corruption, organized crime and prostitution, resigned over accusations he hired prostitutes over a several year period. A day after he announced he would step down amid allegations he was involved in a prostitution ring, his successor prepared to take the reigns and restore trust.

Spitzer holds the title of Governor until Monday, but his power and support evaporated after Federal Authorities announced he was under investigation for staggering bank payments in the tens of thousands of dollars to an internet prostitution ring called Emperor's Club VIP. In court documents, Spitzer, known as "Client-9," allegedly paid
$4300 to meet a prostitute named "Kristen" at a Washington hotel in February.

The New York Times revealed her MySpace page and her real name, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a 22-year old aspiring musician who wrote about leaving her broken New Jersey home at age 17. Dupre is now expected to be a witness in the case against four people accused of running the alleged prostitution ring and possibly against
Spitzer, if federal prosecutors file charges.

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