Gold is a sellers market these days


UTICA - Never-mind the real estate market and the weak dollar. The jackpot these days lies in gold. Yesterday the market for the soft metal hit an all time high - $1,000 an ounce.

We brought some of our own gold to see just how much we could get,
and we weren't alone. At the New York Connection, the owners have been fielding more than 60 phone calls a day - everyone wanting to know when is the best time to unload their golden treasures - and sellers are parting ways with everything from gold rings and necklaces to--get this--gold fillings. All of them worth a pretty penny or two.

Not everybody is making out though. It is truly a seller's market.

"This is the worst time to buy," said Philip Steppello, owner of the New York Connection. "It is effecting my business the most, so it is stopping my sales. But the buys are strong, so it justifies when you can't sell."

So how successful were we on our gold quest?

$160 in gold - that is certainly money I can take to the bank.

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