Metropolitan Laurus remembered as he is laid to rest

By Nicole Estaphan

Hundreds gathered at the Holy Trinity Monastery Friday to pay their final respects to Metropolitan Laurus and thousands more watched in Moscow via live-stream video.

The Metropolitan served the Russian Orthodox Church for over 60 years before his passing this past weekend at the age of 80. No matter what the religion, the universal song of prayer knows no boundaries, it resonates with those of religious faiths around the world.

Today bishops from nearly every continent, dignitaries, and parishioners gathered to say goodbye to the first hierarch in the Russian Orthodox religion outside of Russia, Metropolitan Laurus. Certainly his memory will be with us forever as he was a man of faith and a man of commitment.

After graduating more than 60 years ago with the first class to complete the Holy Trinity Seminary, he spent his life committed to his religion, his fellow holy people, parishioners and his God all of whom were represented inside the small Chapel in Jordanville.

One thing is certain, the Metropolitan's contributions to the religion will have effects that will last far beyond his last breath. The far-reaching accomplishments include helping to reunite the church in Russia with those abroad, to providing the inspiration for an Upstate temple.

He will not be here on earth to see the Rochester work spawn from his influence but those who share his faith believe he will have a better seat in Heaven.

There will be a burial in a special tomb behind the church on the grounds of the monastery and after 40 days of mourning. The bishops from all the churches abroad will get together to determine Metropolitan Laurus' successor.

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