Voss in Yorkville opens up for the season


YORKVILLE - A true sign of the season - Voss in Yorkville put out the picnic tables and fired up the grills for the first time of the season Wednesday.

Those picnic tables filled up fast and the lines formed just as quickly, as people eagerly awaited those familiar barbecued eats. Some were regulars who waited all winter to return to the familiar food of summer they love. But others, were anxious to give it a try for their first time.

"I've been really excited to come to Voss because I moved into this area about six months ago and I've honestly been hearing about this place from the first day I was here," said Mike Hovey, who moved to the area from Auburn. "People talk about how they love Voss. It was very exciting for me to actually get down here and get a burger and a dog and give it a shot."

Voss is open seven days a week - 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. until late Fall.

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