Fiberdyne Labs launches renewable energy product division with Fiberdyne Energy


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - One local company is celebrating Earth Day by announcing the formation of a new division that will help clients, and in about six months, the general public - save energy and money.

It doesn't look like the ones we're used to seeing, but just in case you were wondering, this spinning device outside Fiberdyne Labs in Frankfort is a windmill - a vertical windmill. It powers the LED lights that illuminate the parking lot at night.

"The middle light stays on dusk to dawn," said James Gelose, president of Fiberdyne Energy. "It's not tied to any electricity"

Not tied to any electricity - that means no monthly electric bills. The non-traditional windmill is one way Fiberdyne Labs' new subsidiary, Fiberdyne Energy, is helping clients to go green. Another way - LED lighting.

"If you take a regular 48 inch fluorescent fixture, we have a replacement for that that saves half the energy," Gelose said. "So for your lighting bill, your lighting part of your bill will go down 50 percent."

And you won't be changing those LED lights nearly as often as you find yourself changing traditional lightbulbs.

"Think of how often you're changing lightbulbs in your house," Gelose said. "LED technology will last a minimum of 12 years so you'll never change a lightbulb for 12 years."

The dark side of this new, energy efficient lighting? You're going to pay more, at first, for the new technology. But, just like with camcorders and microwave ovens, the price will come down. But the savings won't.

"It'll take you 3, 4 years today for it to pay back," Gelose said. "As the technology gets mass-deployed, that price'll come down where you'll get one or two year payback."

Congressman Michael Arcuri stresses that going green will not only help preserve the environment, but improve our finances.

"This is not only saving power," said Congressman Arcuri. "It's keeping our environment cleaner. So for the people who everyday just get up and go to work; they can think this will reduce the amount of power that we're using and in the long run reduce the amount that we pay for energy."

Officials with Fiberdyne Energy say it'll take them about 6 months to get the approvals they need, and then they're hoping that anyone will be able to walk into local home improvement stores and buy their greener, LED lights.

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