Many against Thanksgiving becoming "Black Thursday"


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - More stores decided to open early this year for Thanksgiving day shopping. Target, Macys, Best Buy, Toys "R" Us, Sears, and Kohls are among the retailers promising deep discounts before Black Friday however some shoppers feel opening on a holiday is going too far.

"I don't think it's right a holiday is a holiday and thats the way it should be spent as a holiday with the family and children and everybody else," said Gladys Williams of Whitesboro.

Williams said she may be old- fashioned but shopping on Thanksgiving is something she wouldn't be doing. Other shoppers agreed fearing the early openings will take away from family celebrations.

"You know the shoppers will be out there ... I have some family members saying yeah we're going to do it but no I disagree with it, that's time to be home with the family," said Donna Sandberg of Rome.

Taking a whole new group of shoppers and employees away from their homes and into stores this Thanksgiving, what even the younger shoppers many who now have to work aren't thrilled with.

nicole murdock, clinton
"I don't want to be working, it's going to stink but can't do anything about it, need the money need the job," said Nicole Murdock of Clinton who will be working at the Subway in Walmart.

Many shoppers feel instead stores should just stick to Black Friday... the sales and crowds that are big enough.

"Yes because Black Friday can be fun you know it's Black Friday," said Donna Sandberg. "A lot of people do enjoy it but to put it on Thanksgiving day they're pushing it."

Walmart's sales will start at 8 pm Thursday and then continue until 10 pm on Friday.

Sears will open at 8 pm Thursday and stay open until 10 pm on Black Friday.

Kmart 8 pm.

Toys "R" Us 8 pm.

Target will open at 9 pm and stay open until 11 pm on Black Friday.

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