And the winner of Riggiefest is...

By WKTV News

An afternoon filled with great food is what people at the Riggiefest enjoyed Saturday at the Utica Aud.

Local restaurants and vendors competed to show off their riggie creations. Last year 14 restaurants used more than 100 gallons of sauce, one thousand pounds of chicken and twenty-five hundred pounds of rigatoni. This year they are hoping to do the same.

Riggiefest wants to highlight Utica and a great food item that is unique to this area and the goal is to bring people in from all areas to support the YWCA.

The awards go out to:

Best Service: Albany Street café from Herkimer
Kid's Pick: Rt. 69 Steakhouse from Whitesboro

Third Place: Secret Garden from Utica
Second Place: Albany Street café
Riggie Cup: Rt. 69 Steakhouse

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