Republican Chair: "Hanna is the people's candidate"


UTICA - Talk of his candidacy were swirling in local political circles months before he announced he would run. Thursday, Cooperstown businessman Richard Hanna made it official.

"I'm here today to announce my candidacy for the 24th congressional district," Hanna said.

Richard Hanna - married father of a toddler, contractor, and philanthropist, member of economic think tanks - the list goes on. But one thing you won't find on it, is politician.

"Thomas Jefferson had this idea of a citizen legislature," Hanna said. "The individual that comes from experience, adds value then goes home...and that's who I want to be."

For his first venture into politics, Hanna chose not local, county or state office, but national office. He doesn't see his lack of political experience as a downfall. He says his vantage point makes him very qualified to shape the laws of our nation from capital hill.

"As a private businessman, as an independent individual, I had a sense of what was wrong," he said. "That I could, with my background and business experience and just my general involvement in so many not-for-profits in this community, I felt that I could actually get involved and make a difference."

Oneida County's Republican Chair - George Joseph - was among those cheering in the crowd at Hanna's announcement.

"I think he really shows that he cares where we're going as an area and a region," Joseph said. "And he wants to leave it better than what we have now. And I think that will resonate very well with the people. He's really a people's candidate."

Although Congressman Michael Arcuri was in Washington, a spokesperson for the congressman gave this statement in response to Richard Hanna's candidacy announcement:

"Congressman Arcuri is working hard at home and in Washington to help local families-delivering economic development resources for our communities, fighting NYRI's power line every step of the way and taking steps to help consumers hit by skyrocketing gas prices."

"The congressman is honored to serve this district and will continue to focus on the lives of middle class families, regardless of what the ballot looks like this year."

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