Oriskany Manufacturing May Be Able To Expand, In New York Mills, After All

By Pat Bailey

The village of New York Mills voted on legislation Wednesday, that could pave the way for a zoning change and expansion of Oriskany Manufacturing.

This past February the company requested a zoning change, which would have allowed the facility to expand.

However, that request was voted down by the members of the board at that time. Shortly after, Oriskany Manufacturing filed a lawsuit against the village.

Wednesday, the current village board voted, by a margin of 3 to 2, to *not* fight that lawsuit.

This means there is now the potential Oriskany Manufacturing will win the suit, the zoning ordinance will change, and they will be abe to expand.

That is something the mayor, and two other board members, are hoping will happen.

"They are a growing company, a reputable company. Its currently a vacant building and certainly not only our community but the whole region, in general, is certainly in need of jobs." said New York Mills mayor Robert Maciol. "This is a perfect opportunity to bring in high paying jobs and skilled labor to a current vacant building".

Maciol isn't sure where lawsuit goes from here, but he feels the legislation Wednesday, to not defend the lawsuit, opens the door for a zoning change.

One of the board members who voted in favor of challenging the lawsuit, John Bialek, had no comment. The other member, Kenneth Jarosz was unavailable for comment.


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