Brewery Officials: What happens next...

The big question on everyone's mind the day after the Brewery fire - what's next for the brewery?

Around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Brewery Officials wrapped up a press conference, where they addressed the immediate concerns of the brewery, and what actions are to come.

Some things discussed included:

*Canning capability is lost for now. However, it looks like bottling operations could be salvageable, though officials are not yet sure.

*There are plans to tank beer at another brewery.

*There is plenty of finished stock that has not been effected that will be rolling out Monday.

*Kegging operations were not effected.

*There may be some dislocation for employees, but no other details were released.

*The Boilermaker is not expected to be effected.

*Saranac Thursday will continue next Thursday.

*There were no fire sprinklers in the building, but the building was up to fire codes according to Nick Matt.

Click the VIDEO link for more.

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