Saranac product seeing increase in sales following brewery fire


Just a day after the F.X. Matt Brewery's operations were severely impeded, canned Utica Club has become a popular commodity. Oddly enough, Saranac is seeing a spike in business in light of the fire. To say supplies are flying off the shelves would be an understatement.

If there was one item finding its way into shopping carts Friday, it was canned Utica Club.
It is the canning part of the process that was affected by the blaze and people worried that a summertime staple might be shelved for the short-term have them stocking up for the long-term.

One customer at Marcy Beverage ordered over 20-cases of the brew Friday. The owner says in the five hours following the fire, they sold over 550 cases of Saranac product. That is over 100-cases an hour.

Canning makes up about 20% of business at the brewery but Fred Matt says this is just a roadblock and they will find their way around this. Plans are already underway to limit any lapse in supply including outsourcing to other breweries to give the Matt's time to rebuild.

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