FBI: APE stands for "Area Protection Expert," K9 rose to top of training class


QUANTICO, V.A. (WKTV) - As the FBI continues to mourn the loss of their K9 member shot in the Herkimer County standoff, they are also touched by the support being show for the dog named Ape.

The FBI says that Ape is an acronym for "Area Protection Expert." Special Agent Ann Todd told NEWSChannel 2 that, "Ape was initially named based on his appearance and personality. He was handsome, playful, and extremely personable."

Todd adds that the acronym was attached a short time later as a result of Ape's extraordinary performance during canine training. Todd said, "Ape was very talented, excelled in every aspect of the training, and quickly rose to the top of his class. He was truly a star and shined in so many ways."

The FBI says it has been a difficult loss for their organization. Todd said, "It’s a tremendous loss to us but, because of his heroism, several FBI Agents went home to their families."

Officials said that Ape is credited with saving the lives of his human companions last Thursday as police were involved in a shoot-out with Kurt Myers, after Myers went on a shooting spree wounding six, four of those fatally.

The victims of the shooting were Harry Montgomery, Michael Renshaw, Michael Ransear and Tom Stefka, three of whom had services this week. Renshaw's services will be held Saturday.

In addition to the condolences expressed for the humans lost, many in the area have shown their support for the lost German Shepherd.

Special Agent Todd said, "Please know that the FBI handler sincerely appreciates the heartfelt response and support that he's received from the public during this difficult time. Hopefully these tributes to Ape will continue to provide some measure of comfort to the FBI handler, his family, and his teammates in the days ahead."

The Officer Down Memorial Page said that condolences may be sent to:

Director Robert Mueller
United States Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
J. Edgar Hoover Building
Washington, DC 20535

A memorial service for Ape was held Monday in Virginia.

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