Losing Hall of Fame Game upsets fans


COOPERSTOWN - Central New York fans take baseball seriously. So seriously that the subtraction of the Hall of Fame Game has baseball purists nearly as upset as many fans feel after a loss.

It started off with a bang as excitement ran high during the pre-game Hall of Fame parade.

But ask anyone there and you'll find Major League Baseball's decision to pull teams because of scheduling difficulties is rubbing fans the wrong way.

"It's very, sad, very sad," said one fan.

"I'm from here and saw Mickey Mantle play," said another. "What will the next generation see? There won't be a game. It's sad."

"I think they should keep playing here," said a third fan. "I think it's a big deal."

A deal so big that Marjorie Feiden has made the trip there from Troy for the last forty years. Monday, she said goodbye to big leaguers.

"It's a heart breaker," Feiden said. "I brought all my kids down here because they couldn't go to the major league games."

Hall of Fame President Jeffrey Idleson and village officials say they are working on keeping a game, possibly with minor leaguers. Some simply don't think that will be enough.

"We went to a minor league game in Florida," said one visitor. "It's good, but its not the caliber of Major League."

And despite the fact, Derek Lee and a few others signed autographs before the game.

Most fans never got a chance to see players in action as the rain out swept away Major League Baseball's final stint on Double Day Field.

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