21 graduate from Corrections Officers Academy

21 men and women officially become Corrections Officers in Oneida County after graduating Thursday from the Corrections Officers Academy.

It is a relatively large class because the recruits come from Oneida County as well as Madison and Herkimer Counties.

When you get hired, you must be trained within your first year. Sheriff Robert Maciol says it just made sense to bring everyone together and run one academy to share equipment and instructors.

  • Joseph Pruckno
  • Jason Tefft
  • Ryan Crever
  • Charles Tancredi
  • Jason Simone
  • Lauri Schaaf
  • Daniel Mahaffy
  • Christine Saddock
  • Kimberly Joslin
  • Caroline Thibault
  • Jennifer Stoffle
  • John Curley
  • Corey Inman
  • Michael Brodie
  • Timathy Squire
  • Brandon Petrie
  • Scott Sadlowski
  • Anthony Sterling
  • Michael Kerr
  • Thomas Guca
  • Meho Music

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