Congressman Arcuri responds to connection between former consultant and Spitzer case


Congressman Michael Arcuri is talking about his campaign's connection with a political fundraising consultant, whose association with former Governor Eliot Spitzer is being examined by federal authorities.

The New York Times reported on March 16 that authorities were looking at Spitzer's payments to consultant Kristian Stiles.

Two days later, the Arcuri campaign made their last installment of nearly $45,000 in payments to Stiles.

The Congressman says she was simply a political fundraiser.

"It's one of those things where there's actually we welcome the scrutiny," Arcuri said. "We hired a girl, a woman who did some work for us, who also did some work for Eliot Spitzer, and that's where the story begins and ends."

Stiles' attorney this week told NEWSChannel 2 that she is being looked at by federal authorities as a potential witness in the Eliot Spitzer-call girl scandal.

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