Democratic Chair files complaint about Richard Hanna campaign material


UTICA - The City of Utica Democratic Chairman has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding the campaign material of the Republican Candidate for Congress in the 24th district.

Democratic Chair Mitchell Ford says that Congressional candidate Richard Hanna did not put the required "paid for by" disclaimer on several pieces of campaign literature.

City of Utica Democratic Chairman Mitchell Ford sent a notarized complaint just this week to the Federal Election Commission in Washington, DC.

In the complaint, Ford says that several pieces of Richard Hanna's campaign literature, including his website, do not have the required, "Paid for by Hanna for Congress" disclaimer.

Ford says without the disclaimer, it is uncertain if additional outside sources of funding are being used to fund campaign literature.

We checked Hanna's campaign website and did not see a disclaimer.

There was a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen of his opponent, Democratic Congressman Michael Arcuri's campaign website.

Federal election laws do require a "paid for" disclaimer appear on candidate websites.

Republican Congressional candidate Richard Hanna said he believes they are in compliance and are checking to be sure but that, if they're not, the omission was inadvertent and will be rectified quickly in order to bring the campaign in compliance with all Federal election laws.

Oneida County Democratic Chair William Morris says, "We want everybody to play by the same rules, whether it be housekeeping, finance, or anything else. We need everyone playing by the same rules."

In his complaint letter, Mitchell Ford seeks the maximum fines permitted by law against the Hanna campaign in the event violations are found.

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