Friends of homicide victim come together for vigil


UTICA - As the search goes on for the person who killed a Utica man in his Kennedy Plaza apartment, Tuesday, those close to Richard Savage gathered to remember him.

“He was very quiet, very humble. He went to school, he mainly mined his business.” Said Irena Pressley, a Kennedy Plaza resident. “He showed me respect, he never passed at me in any kind of way. I noticed his spirit, he had good spirit”.

Most of the dozen or so at Tuesdays vigil, knew of Richard Savage. Some only passed him in the hall, while others used to play video games with him. His neighbors said he got along with most everyone, making the news of his death a shock.

“We called this the United Nation”, said Bob Brice, a tenant at Kennedy Plaza. “Everybody here is Black, White, Oriental, or Latino. Everybody here gets along”.

Tuesday, Utica's Public Safety Commissioner, Dan Labella, says there was evidence of drug use in the room when savage was found. However, the folks living at the Kennedy Plaza apartments, who knew Savage, say that wasn't the type of guy Richard was.

“No, no no. Not in my opinion. I have seen him everyday out here I have never seen him do anything like that, no no”, said Brice.

Savage was found Sunday, in his apartment. However, Utica's acting Police Chief hasn’t revealed when exactly Savage was shot and killed.
Police found his body late Sunday.

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