Hundreds of People Attended Calling Hours for Officer Corr

By Pat Bailey

So many people showed up for the calling hours for Officer Corr that the calling hours have been extended. It's expected to last throughout Thursday evening.

On hand earlier Thursday afternoon was former Oneida County Sheriff Bill Hasenauer. He lost two deputies during his time, so he knows how this feels.

“I think it's fabulous that the people are paying their respects and show that the people are concerned as to what is going on these days. I lost two deputies during my tenure. So I know how it feels -- it hurts,” said Hasenauer.

Earlier this afternoon NewsChannel 2 visited with those leaving the funeral home, asking them if they could give a sense of what it was like inside. Some said it was packed with around 300 or so people. Others said they couldn’t even begin to describe it.

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