Running a healthy boilermaker means staying hydrated


UTICA - With a forecast calling for 90 degree weather this weekend, runners will face a second year of oppressive heat. That is why Boilermaker medical officials are meeting with volunteers assigned to  treat those who fall ill on Sunday.

Nobody wants to helped off the race course but organizers are preparing for those who can not leg out the 15k themselves by teaching volunteers how to help physicians and EMS workers care for people.

"If the humidity is high we'll see an awful lot of heat exhaustion," says Medical Coordinator Dan Broedel.

While drinking plenty of water can help prevent heat exhaustion, heat stroke is another story all together. It is a more serious condition that often means going to a hospital but is said to be rare. Of the 177 people treated at last years race, less than 20 were hospitalized.

This is the area runners really start breaking down in the race, after leaving the Parkway and coming down Burrstone Road where there is really no shade, a hill and miles to go. people tend to have a hard time right here which is why there will be an increased presence of ambulances and medical crews starting in this area.

Broedel says nearly 200 volunteers will be lined up throughout the race to give you hand if you get sick...use common sense.

"You need to stop when you start to get a little wobbly, a little confused and little blurry, that is a warning sign," says Broedel.

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