Jewelers Re-Opens Its Doors After Monday's Robbery

By Lyla Carney

Lennon’s-Wilcox Jewelers opens its doors for the first time after last week's robbery there. Lennon’s-Wilcox is where last Monday’s events all began. A robbery there led to a chase of the suspects, and ended in the shooting death of New Hartford Police Officer Joseph Corr.

Today, the well-known jeweler reopened its doors for the first time since the robbery. The doors are back opened at Lennon’s-Wilcox Jewelers, but for the workers, things certainly aren't back to normal.

They officially re-opened at 10:00 this Monday morning, and they plan to be open all week from 10 am to 6 pm. But owner Richard Lennon says all the feelings from last week’s robbery are still very raw.

Right now, all the employees say they are returning to work, but Lennon says they are free to leave if they aren't comfortable being back at work so soon after the traumatic robbery. They also have a councilor on hand in case any of them need those services.

Police were also still on the scene this morning when we arrived. They were interviewing employees at the store. Police say over $1 Million of jewelry was taken last Monday night, it was mostly watches and loose diamonds.

But the robbers also took the employees sense of security at their job.

According to Owner Richard Lennon: “I think they’re feelings can't be known now, they may not be know for 6 months, its been a very traumatic situation, something most people don't understand and have never been through and hope they never have to go through.”

Lennon met with his employees this morning before opening the doors. He says they are still concerned, but their thoughts are very much with the Corr family.

Right now the Lennon's family and employees say they're taking everything one day at a time. They're hoping their loyal customers will stick with them until everything gets back to normal.

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