Boilermaker has Hotel Utica booking rooms fast


UTICA - The Hotel Utica parking lot - like that of so many other local hotels - will be dotted with out of town license plates this weekend.

One weekend the hotel never has to worry about filling its rooms is the second weekend in July - Boilermaker weekend.

Hotel Manager Tony Zaleski says the weekend is about 90% booked for Boilermaker Saturday night about four months before the race. That's one weekend the hotel will never have to worry about soliciting business.

"From the day people leave, they'll actually come to us when they check out and say 'Any chance I can reserve a room for next year,'" said Zalski. "That's usually only about 10% of the people, but it's a small percentage that definitely want to lock in a room and not have to worry about it."

The Boilermaker brings money into the Hotel Utica - no doubt about that. But another relationship the hotel has is about to start costing it money.

Two years ago the Hotel Utica became an affiliate of Choice Hotels Clarion Collection. At the time, Choice Hotels leaders were so confident it would be a profitable relationship for the Hotel Utica that they declined to collect their small booking fee or franchise fee for two years.

That two years is now up, and the Hotel Utica is going to have to start paying up.

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