Governor Paterson first New York State governor to run Boilermaker Road Race


UTICA - For the first time ever, the New York State Governor will run the 15k Boilermaker Road Race.

Former Governors have run the training run, but Governor David Paterson will be the first to participate in the big race.

His regional representative tells us he ran ten miles this week and is prepared to go the distance on Sunday.

The biggest difference between the Governor and other runners, he will have security running alongside him. But officials stress, even with a disability, Paterson wants no special treatment.

"He's running a race just like any other race and .he's going to enjoy it and be with everyone around him and just run at his regular pace," said Delores Caruso, a regional representative for the Governor. "It's going to be a fun day."

If you're watching the race from the sidelines, the Governor will be wearing a Boilermaker retro-shirt, with his bib number being Number 89

Governor Paterson is an avid runner and looking to make good time according to his local representative.

Last year, Former Governor Spitzer ran the 5K Race, not the 15K.

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