24th Congressional candidates agree Quran shouldn't be burned


(WKTV) - A pastor in Gainesville, Florida is planning a Quran burning for this coming September, 11th.

The move has caught national attention. Pastor Terry Jones says despite requests from everyone from the Gainesville Mayor, to the Secretary of State not to burn the Muslim holy book, he has no intention of canceling his plans.

Both 24th Congressional candidates weighed in on the matter Wednesday.

Representative Michael Arcuri joins with the chorus of officials asking Jones not to burn the Quran.

"Speaking for myself, I don't think it is the right thing to have a Mosque where they want to put it in New York City," Arcuri said. "But burning a Koran that is a holy book. There is just no symbolism I think would ever merit something like that."

Arcuri's 24th Congressional challenger, Richard Hanna, actually agrees with his opponent.

"It would be an unfortunate and distasteful act," Hanna said. "I agree with General Petraeus that it would be fuel for extremists and it would put Americans across the globe in harm's way. The pastor should show restraint and respect for our troops."

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