Oneida County Volunteer Week: Girl Scouts

By Cindy McNicholl

Monday’s featured organization is the Girl Scouts Foothills Council.

Our featured volunteer is one woman who has found time in her busy schedule to be active in the organization, in a way you may not have expected.

Ellie Hadity is a busy mom. She knows how quickly a child can fill up your day. Yet she always manages to find time for two things she loves....her daughter and singing.

Ellie volunteers as a Girl Scout song leader. She teaches these young scouts to raise their voices in song and lift the spirits of people in nursing homes.

Ellie's lessons to these girls go beyond entertainment. She also teaches them the value of giving their time to help others.

Ellie recalls, "We've actually been here to this church serving dinner at Thanksgiving time to people who are less fortunate. We've raised money for gifts for families."

It's not solely for the benefit of others that Ellie volunteers as a Girl Scout leader and Girl Scout song leader. She might go away empty handed on payday, but her heart is always full.

Ellie explains her reason for volunteering, "I actually enjoy it. I love working with the girls. It gives me satisfaction."

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