Heather Peck and Kristin Lowman


Volunteer Week NewsTalk 4/25/06

with Heather Peck, American Red Cross, Utica Chapter

By Cindy McNicholl

NEWSChannel 2's Kristin Lowman discusses volunteer opportunities available with the Heather Peck from the Utica Chapter of the American Red Cross.

The Utica office of the American Red Cross serves about 160,000 people in Central New York.. They manage to accomplish this with a staff of 8 people and over 650 volunteers.

While the public is accustomed to seeing the Red Cross in times of need like fires and natural disasters, the Red Cross is much more than an emergency resource.

The Utica Chapter serves all age groups on a daily basis with programs such as youth services, teaching, and advocates for the elderly in the community.

Heather Peck assures the potential volunteer there is "something for everybody". Volunteer opportunities can fit your skills and involve as little as two hours a week. The Red cross even provides training courses for the volunteer.

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