Oneida County Volunteer Week: Young Scholars Program

By Cindy McNicholl

Wednesday’s featured organization is the Young Scholars Program.

Our featured volunteer is a local high school student who some how finds time to help others.

Busy preparing for life after high school, 17-year old Yasmine Bowens has a full plate. She still manages to volunteer dozens of hours a week to several local organizations, including the Young Scholars Program.

Yasmine Bowens would like to “major in history, minor in English, go on to law school and become an entertainment lawyer”, she says with a chuckle.

No surprise that caught up with her at guiding a group of girls on parenting skills. Through her volunteer work, she says “what we do is empower girls to be strong, smart and bold. It is neat to know what other girls your age are thinking and how they are thinking and what they are about.”

Two nights a week, Yasmine spends time after school at the YWCA to take part in the Girls Inc.
Her contributions carry over to the weekends. When she could be at the mall or the movies, Yasmine serves meals at the Hope House with her church.

The payoff for Yasmine? “It is fun cause they come in and they have smile on their faces and you met different people all the time. Some people are regular and you know them. Say how blessed we are. It is fun. I like it.” She chuckles yet again.

Even with her busy high school life, Yasmine finds time to give back. She proves to be a positive example for the girls she mentors.

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