College students weigh in on Obama's impact on politics


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Locally, college students are closely following the Democratic Convention and the nomination of Sen. Barack Obama, especially those of color.

Some students just became interested during Spring as the Democratic Primaries heated up, and now are more invested in the process.

Others, such as the political junkies, followed regardless, but say they've learned more this year.

Most of the students were of color, but not all.

The entire group however, shared similar sentiments of astonishment that the Illinois senator reached this level.

His rise has resonated throughout the small campus according to students, creating more interest in the voting process.

While those of color say they are glad to see Obama in position to compete for the presidency as an African American, they say race alone isn't blinding their political views.

"I have been following both sides because I come from an area that has a lot of republicans and we get into a lot of these discussions about, what he as a president is going to be able to do to make us all better people," said Maxwell Akuamoah-Boateng, a senior at Hamilton College.

"If he had horrible policy ideas...if he just had horrible things to say, i would be like, 'well I'm glad you made it this far, but I don't think I want to vote for you,'" said Alex Dotson, a Hamilton College sophomore.

A non-partisan student organization has already begun registering first-year students interested in voting.

With all that's going on during the first week of college classes, students say they haven't watched much of the Democratic National Convention, but hope to closely follow the process through November.

A student political group and others on campus will have more to say during the Live at Five Newshour.

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