F.X. Matt to help kick-off United Way campaign with largest donation to date

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - At the United Way Campaign Kick-Off, being held Tuesday night at the Stanley Theatre, the F.X. Matt Brewing Company will make their biggest donation to date. The donation will be a compilation of Saranac Thursday proceeds and employee contributions.

Over the past ten years, Saranac Thursdays alone have contributed over $175,000 to the campaign. “We developed Saranac Thursdays to give people something to do that involved a great time and also benefited the local community,” said Fred Matt, Vice President of the F.X. Matt Brewing Company, and former United Way Campaign Chair. “It is important to recognize that Saranac Thursdays have provided a lot for this area. Every single person that has come to enjoy this event has given back by making a donation to the United Way.”

At the Kick-Off of Saranac Thursday, on May 29th, the Brewery’s packaging facility was destroyed by fire. This past Thursday, September 4th, concluded Saranac Thursday for 2008. “In this amount of time, we have compiled our largest donation from proceeds of Saranac Thursday, and our largest amount of employee donations,” says Meghan Fraser, Marketing Coordinator for the F.X. Matt Brewing Company. “There is really something to be said about our employees, and our community. They have compassion. It is amazing what can happen around here when everybody pulls together.”

The United Way of the Valley & the Greater Utica Area is a local, independent non-profit organization funding area programs and services that address the most crucial local community issues. “The night of the fire, our employees were asking themselves if they would have a job. The reality is many people in this community go every day asking themselves similar questions,” says Nick Matt. “Our employees recognized this. It is that spirit that has rallied around our company since that night. We are tremendously proud to say we will make the largest contribution from our company to date.”

The United Way Campaign Kick-Off will take place Tuesday night at the Stanley Theatre from 5-7 p.m. The Matt’s will be presenting a check on behalf of the F.X. Matt Brewing Company, which is a pacesetter company this year for the United Way Campaign, at the event.

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