The Truth Test: Richard Hanna's first campaign commercial airs


(WKTV) - It's a clear sign campaign season is heating up. On Wednesday, local businessman Richard Hanna aired his first campaign commercial in the race for the 24th Congressional District.

In the commercial, Hanna says:

"As a contractor, I've built a lot of things over the years...and put a lot of people to work. Nothing is more important than rebuilding this community. We need more jobs and better pay. That will be my number one priority. I will work to stop the wasteful spending and say no to higher taxes. Most importantly I'll say no to the party bosses in Washington. I've never run for political office before. I can't stand by any longer and watch the career politician destroy our country."

Hanna lays out his professional background as well as talking about what he feels are the most important issues to him when it comes to the area.

While, the ad doesn't call anyone out on issues in the traditional sense, it rather lays out a sort of foundation for the viewer asking the question "Who is Richard Hanna?"

There are a few key points - all background information that Hanna makes in this commercial:

  1. Hanna says that as a contractor.
  2. He feels that rebuilding the community is extremely important.
  3. He says he's concerned with more jobs, for better pay.
  4. He says he is not a career politician - having never run for office before; running because he doesn't like the way the current politicians are handling things.

Taking a look at Hanna's background information, the commercial rings true:

  • Hanna is a contractor, having formed Hanna Construction over 25 years ago.
  • Hanna talks about rebuilding the community. Within this community that Hanna is looking to represent, he's left his mark on some notable structures such as Murnane Field at Donovan Stadium doing reconstruction, upgrading and bleacher work. He has also done work on Whitesboro High School's Athletic Field. And since his company does groundwork, he has done groundwork for Home Depot and for the Lowe's in North Utica.
  • As for more jobs with better pay - Hanna Construction has employed more than 400 local people over the years. 
  • And when it comes to layoffs, Hanna was very open about it, explaining that there has been nothing out of the ordinary - just the seasonal layoffs associated with construction - as the Winter season prevents groundwork from being done.
  • Now, he also mentions never having run for office - and that's true. This is the first time Richard Hanna has run for office. 
  • He has served on boards of non-profit organizations, but has never been a Village Trustee or on a Town Board, or anything political.

So, looking at this commercial alone certainly takes the approach of "Hey, I'm not a politician...I'm a working businessman and I can't stand the way things are being run."

And, with election day only 55 days away, this certainly is only the beginning.

We contacted Jordan Karp, who is the spokesperson for the Arcuri campaign and he said that they are meeting with their media people Wednesday afternoon and will let us know when they plan to begin their own television campaign.

Throughout the campaign, as more ads take to the airwaves, on both sides, we'll continue to check the facts, for the truth.

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