Pegeses Caught

By Laurie Benedict

The fourth suspect in the robbery of Lennons-WB Wilcox Jewelers and the murder of New Hartford police officer Joe Corr has been captured.

New Hartford police say Marion Pegeses was picked up early Saturday morning in Philadelphia. Currently, he is being held on charges related to another jewelry store robbery in New Jersey and on some federal charges.

With this latest development, investigators from Oneida County are now headed to the Philadelphia area. However, New Hartford police say the investigation is far from complete.

Chief Ray Philo said, “We still have a lot of work to do. He has not been charged; he is a person of interest, a suspect. We have a lot to do to build a case. We have people working on leads. I often describe this as connecting dots, and when those are connected, a picture will emerge. There’s not one huge break in this case -- it’s connecting a lot of little dots.”

Chief Philo said he contacted the Corr family Saturday morning and was elated to tell them Pegeses is in custody.

This latest arrest rounds out all four suspects police have publicly said they're searching for.

Walter Richardson was killed by US Marshals last February 28. He's believed to be the triggerman in the death of Officer Joe Corr.

John Healy was captured the night of the robbery. His case is currently in the courts, and he's charged with second-degree murder along with various other robbery charges.

The third suspect is Robert Ward. He was picked up a few days after the New Hartford robbery and murder. He's being held on charges related to another robbery in New Jersey.

These latest developments come just hours from when the search for Pegeses was to go nationwide.

America's Most Wanted has a segment scheduled to air Saturday night on the search for the fourth suspect. They say they still plan to air the segment, and they've given WKTV News an exclusive clip from the show.

The show will air Saturday, May 20, at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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