Program teaches kids dangers of lead poisoning

By WKTV News

BOONVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Helping kids understand the dangers of lead poisoning, all through the aid of puppets. That is the idea behind a series of shows put on through Oneida County's lead primary prevention program.

The first of four shows put on by the Dancing Bear Puppet Theatre was held Tuesday at Boonville Elementary School.    

Through stories that are played out, students and parents alike are taught to recognize and avoid lead hazards, something that organizers say, cannot be stressed enough.

"Today's show really stresses basic hand washing, not to put things in their mouths, basically teaches them good nutrition. Concepts that help across the board but will for this younger age group," Public Health Educator Krista Drake said.

Oneida County is one of eight counties in the state to be selected by the State Department of Health to conduct this prevention program.

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