Uptown Theater For Sale


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV)The owners of the Uptown Theater, in Utica, say low attendance is forcing them to put the business up for sale.

Just 17 months after they bought the theater, Tracey Mills, and Scott Anderson say for the better part of this year the theater has sat empty at night.

"We noticed a big difference this May, June, and July. Those are the months that could carry us and they didn't", said Tracey Mills.

When you call the Uptown, the answering machine explains the theater is closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays due to the lack of attendance.

"From our knowledge, we're the fourth owners and it has never been closed, on a single day, in 80 years," said Anderson.

In an attempt to create more business, the owners tried to broaden their appeal. Aside from showing just movies on the big screen, last week they hosted the presidential debate. Last month the theater also showed the Mixed Martial Arts pay per view event that featured Utica fighter, Matt Hamill.

Crystal Wilbur of south Utica, coincidentally works at Uno's which is adjacent to the Uptowns biggest competition, the Marquee. It is coincidental, because Wilbur stays away from the Marquee to spend her money at the Uptown.

"I would be upset if it closed. It's kind of like a piece of the old Utica, this( the Marquee) is kind of the new thing and I like the Old Utica," said Wilbur.

The Uptown has been up for sale almost a week. The owners say the possibility of closing the doors to the historic building, before selling it, is there. They say right now there seems to be some interest, since they have received a few calls regarding the building.


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