Owner of Affordable Furniture responds to Attorney General's allegations

UTICA, N.Y. - Affordable Furniture has responded to the Attorney General's investigation into "deceptive pricing scheme."

The statement reads:

"Affordable Furniture recently hired a third party to run its store promotion titled 'Remerchandising Relinquishment.' All pricing and all advertising was created by this third party who are specialists in Furniture Promotions across the country. A similar promotion is currently being used at a local competitor with the same type of pricing. Affordable Furniture's intent in this promotion was to re-merchandise our stores by selling off older furniture models and inventory at a savings to the public. Affordable Furniture maintains that all furniture sold during this event is sold at a lower cost than our normal retail."

"The NYS Attorney General recently inspected our Utica and Watertown Stores. Affordable Furniture immediately corrected any perceived concerns that required action. Following these minor corrections, the Attorney General's office gave Affordable Furniture indication that the store promotions are currently in compliance."

"We look forward to continuing to provide consumers the opportunity to save money on our merchandise and success in the markets in which we are located."

The statement is signed by Jim Castellano, owner.

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