Questions Being Raised About Gas And Electric Provider Scam (Added at 6:30 pm)

By Kristen Pronobis

Residents in a West Utica neighborhood are worried they are being caught up in a scam dealing with their gas and electric provider.

A door-to-door campaign by an energy company is raising a lot of questions. A representative from IDT Energy was recently seen knocking on doors along Lincoln Avenue.

One family in the area said an IDT Energy representative asked them for their National Grid bill saying he could save them some money. They gave it to him thinking he was a National Grid representative, but when they needed to sign the forms, they realized he was switching their electric and gas supplier.

Yan Golaszewski, a National Grid customer, said, "He was trying to sneak it by, he didn't give me much information. He said let me have your bill and get the account number and didn't explain what he wanted to do and he wanted me to sign and he'd be on his way."

NEWSChannel 2 did contact IDT Energy. They said, "We service 190,000 customers. This is not a scam, but it is something new to people. All agents wear a badge and have undergone extensive training and a background check. If you don't want to participate, you can say no thank you and shut the door."

According to the state's Public Service Commission, IDT is an approved provider. They said, "In New York's competitive energy market, you can choose your supplier of electricity and natural gas instead of buying energy supply from your utility."

Both IDT along with National Grid warn customers to make sure you read everything before you sign it so you know what you are getting into.

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