Fewer Windmills mean less money for Herkimer County and two towns


HERKIMER COUNTY, NY (WKTV) - What was first proposed as a project with 68 turbines in the towns of Warren and Stark, is now down to 40.

The original plan by Iberdrola Renewables, to put windmills in Stark and Warren, was shot down once the State Supreme Court asked the company to look into an alternative plan. That alternative plan was submitted to the two towns with drastic cuts - mainly 28 fewer windmills.

According to both Town Supervisors, the original, 68 turbine plan, would have generated roughly $215,000 for the Town of Stark and $350,000 the Town of Warren, per year for 20 years.

However, now that the project was scaled back to a total of 40 windmills, the Town of Stark will receive somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 a cut of more than half. The Town of Warren will now see roughly $95,000 per year.

Also losing revenue with a smaller project are the Owen D. Young School District and Herkimer County.

With 68 windmills, Herkimer County, would have taken in roughly $217,000 per year. Now with only 40 turbines, the county will take in around $128,000.

Both Herkimer County Administrator, Jim Wallace, and Town of Stark Supervisor Richard Bronner say they are disappointed the project has been scaled back but they any amount of money in these economic times is still a positive.

There is still some good news for the county and the two towns. Both this project, and the original project had up-front money that each town, the county, and the school district would receive. That money has not been altered and will still be given out, according to Bronner.

The project is still in its preliminary stages. A public meeting regarding the matter has been scheduled, in the Town of Stark, for December 2nd.

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