Local leader reaction to reports of U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, to be named Secretary of State

(WKTV) - President-elect Barack Obama is starting to move quickly to fill key cabinet positions in his new administration.

One of which, according to several reports, will be U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, to be named Secretary of State.

Right now, both the Obama and Clinton camps are calling the talks "on track", but no comment on the New York Times report that it is already a done deal.

Congressman Michael Arcuri, has worked closely with Senator Clinton since he was elected to congress in 2006, "It's a sad day for us here in New York because we're losing a very strong advocate, obviously if Senator Clinton goes, but I think our loss is certainly a huge gain for America and for the rest of the world and I think she would do an outstanding job as secretary of state."

Assemblyman RoAnn Destito, also a democrat says she will miss having Hillary Clinton fighting for us in Washington, "I found her to be a friend and we are going to miss her experience and her knowledge and her tenacity to get things done. I personally feel a loss in someone that i had a great relationship with and I was able to call upon on various occasions."

If Senator Clinton accepts the Secretary of State position, New York Governor David Paterson will appoint someone to take her place in the senate. Arcuri says he has no doubt the selection will be a good one, "But you know obviously, not having a partner like Senator Clinton is something that I'm going to miss, I mean it was great, not only did the Senator and I get along well, but our staffs worked very closely, I mean if there was bill in the house that we wanted, we hoped for her assistance that she would be there and vice versa."

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