35 animals suffer from severe abuse and neglect in Madison County

By WKTV News

BROOKFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV)-An extreme case of animal abuse  has been discovered in Madison County, where 19 dogs and 16 cats were found in filthy conditions, some on the brink of death.

Investigators say they found the animals in a rat-infested home on Fidler Road in the Town of Brookfield earlier this week.

They say the dogs owners would only show up on occasion to throw food on the floor and pour water into bowls.

Now at least three dogs could be euthanized, one dog appeared to have suffered a stroke and another dog was chained up in the barn next door.

Many of the animals suffer from overgrown toenails, skin conditions and all need to be vaccinated.

The Wanders' Rest Humane Association is currently caring for the animals.

"In New York State if they have food, shelter and water then they're ok," Dee Schafer said, an employee at the Wanders' Rest Humane Association. "But these dogs are not okay, we need help. We need law enforcement to understand that this truly was a neglect case. One of these dogs lived inside and had frostbite because there was no heat in that home."

The owners names have not been released yet. But Schafer added that the owners say they intend to get their dogs back.

However, in order to do so the owners would need to provide a license for each dog, according to Schafer.

"That is our one saving grace right now," she said . "I am going to pray that now one gives them the money to license these animals."

The court will decide what happens next for the animals.

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