Local Doctor from India reacts to Mumbai attack

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Dr. Dilip Kachare is a internal medicine doctor in Utica but is originally from India.  Dr. Kachare says he was shocked and worried for his family after hearing the news of Wednesday's attacks on his home country.
Dr. Kachare says he still has family near Mumbai.  In fact this afternoon, his nephew was working at the Taj Mahal Hotel, but went home sick before it was attacked.
Dr. Kachare says he found out about the attacks from a patient while at work.  " I was in her (the patient's) room so I saw the T.V. and saw the news talking about it, and they were showing the hotel which was burning,"  Dr. Kachare said. 

The doctor believes there is hope for rebuilding.  "It's the five-star hotel of India, owned by the richest people in India, so I'm hoping they will rebuild again," Dr. Kachare said.

Dr. Kachare tells us that he has been in contact with his family in Mumbai and everyone is doing just fine.

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