Who could be Clinton's Senate replacement?


(WKTV) - Many are wondering who Governor David Paterson's choice for Hillary Clinton's successor in the U.S. Senate will be a political veteran, or someone outside of state politics.

Will they be from upstate or downstate?

The opening has been talked about for the last couple of weeks. But with Monday's announcement, speculation has picked up even more.

We spoke with local leaders from both parties to get their takes on just who might be taking over if Clinton earns a spot on the Obama cabinet.

Utica College Professor David Habbel says Andrew Cuomo is a popular name, but is not ruling out Caroline Kennedy, daughter of former president John F. Kennedy.

Oneida County Republican Committee Chairman George Joseph says an upstate choice would be more effective.

With Charles Schumer, a downstate democrat, serving as the senior senator, both Joseph and local democratic Congressman Michael Arcuri are hoping the governor balances it out.

"Worst case is to get another strong democrat from downstate, somebody that is more affiliated with New York City or Long Island that is out of touch with the upstate needs," Joseph said.

"I think it would be an important message and a good sign to send to say New York is more than just the five boroughs of New York City and counties in Long Island," said Congressman Michael Arcuri.

Arcuri suggested his local colleague - Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito as someone he'd like to see named to senate.

Joseph was leaning toward Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown or another upstate lawmaker.

We asked Arcuri if he had been approached by the governor for his opinion, and he said no.

When asked if he'd consider the job if asked now, he also said no.

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