Backstreets Brewing Company shut down

FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Town of Frankfort has shut down a bar that has had numerous problems since its opened two years ago, including violence in the parking lot there this weekend.

Just a day after gunshots rang out outside of the Backstreets Brewing Co. at the old Charlestown Mall, Town of Frankfort police put up signs on the door of the bar, closing it down.

Officer James Getman says the operating permits have expired. Getman says he's glad the bar is shut down because he says "It's very difficult for law enforcement personnel to be put in these dangerous situations and obviously with yesterday's incident it has become a very serious problem for both Utica and the Town of Frankfort."

The owner of the old Charlestown Mall, Utica attorney Michael Cancilla rents out space to the owners of Backstreets Brewing Company. He says he has been trying to evict his tenant since September because of all of the problems there since it opened.

Cancilla says he has had some issues with the way the eviction was served and was hoping it would be shut down by sometime in January. But on Monday, it was closed down anyway.

Utica police say they have been called to the parking lot of the establishment 45 times since it opened in 2006. The bar itself is in Frankfort, but the parking lot is in Utica, so both departments usually respond.

This weekend there were shots fired in the parking lot, and police say the man who fired those shots ended up crashing his car into a building on Lafayette Street. 20 year old Pernell Flanders is now charged with D.W.I. as well reckless endangerment, possession of a weapon and discharging a firearm.

Police say a passenger in that car, Keonna Williams, also of Utica suffered a lacerated liver and is currently at University Hospital in Syracuse.

We were unable to contact the owners of the bar, but the police say they can reapply for a new permit, but the process is very lengthy, so the likelihood of the bar reopening anytime soon is slim.

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