Parked cars hinder snow emergencies


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Public Works Commissioner Rich Conte has issued four snow emergencies so far this year. As promised, if cars weren't off the city streets, they were towed.

In fact, Conte says more cars have been towed over the past few months, than in his previous 27 years at the DPW.

Conte says 150 cars were towed during the four snow emergencies. He says the cars were off to the side of road when plows are trying to get through.

He says all four of the snow emergencies were necessary because without them, plows simply cannot do their job.

Last month, a NewsChannel 2 crew rode along with a Utica plow, and on two separate city streets, there were cars blocking the road. The plow stopped and the driver beeped the horn. In both cases, the owners came out and moved their vehicles. However, not everyone does, and that is when cars are towed.

Conte says it's not a case were the city trying to cash in, because they don't make any money no matter how many cars are towed.
"This is strictly a safety issue. If I can't get a plow down the street, you can't get a fire truck down the street. That's all it's about, streets start closing in after all this much snow and you lose width, and you just can't plow if cars are on the street. It's not possible," says Conte.

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