SCAM ALERT: Email claims to be from IRS regarding stimulus refund


(WKTV) - Tax season can be stressful enough...but adding to that stress can be the latest financial email scam.

Emails claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service tell users that they are eligible to receive a Stimulus Check, and then include a form they ask you to fill out with your personal and financial information and email back.

A Media Relations specialist with the IRS says the email is an absolute scam, and not to respond. Delete it immediately.

If you'd like a look at the email, to see if you've received a similar one, here is the email, in its entirety:

"After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have
determined that you are eligible to receive a Stimulus Payment.

Please submit the Stimulus Payment Online Form in order to process it.

A Stimulus Payment can be delayed for a variety of reasons.
For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline.

To submit your Stimulus Payment form, please download the document attached to your email.

Note: If filing or preparation fees were deducted from your 2007 Refund or you received a refund anticipation loan, you will be receiving a check instead of a direct deposit.

Internal Revenue Service"

Once again, the IRS has confirmed this email is a scam, and advise people not to respond.

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