310 inches of snow and counting in Redfield


REDFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - We are fast approaching our snowfall average for the entire season here in the Mohawk Valley, and it's only Groundhog day. Right now we at about 84 inches this winter, our average in Utica is 99 inches. But imagine what it's like to average more than THREE TIMES that amount.

The Town of Redfield in the Tug Hill Plateau gets their fair share of snow each winter, but they've already gotten more than their fair share this season. They've already seen 310 inches, and their average is 300!

We took the hour and ten minute trip up to Redfield on Monday to check it out for ourselves, and no matter where you look there's a snow bank, with something that resembles a house behind it.

When you look at some of them, the snow goes from the ground right to the roof, so much so it looks like you can even ride a snowmobile right over the rooftop. Some Redfield residents say one more big snowfall, and they won't know what to do with the snow, there's no more room.

Not only have they seen 25 FEET of snow in total, none of it is leaving, because there has only been about two days over the freezing mark in the past couple of months.

When we asked Redfield Town Board member Carla Bauer, what she would say to Utica residents who think they've seen a lot of snow she said "that's just a frost" compared to what they're used to.

And according to Punxsutawney Phil, we still have another six weeks of winter, and for Redfield, this season, that could mean another couple hundred inches of snow.

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