Original owner re-acquires Affordable Furniture


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The original owner of Affordable Furniture, in Utica, Rome and Watertown, has bought the business back, and is now planning on re-opening two stores under different names.

Carl Vogel opened Affordable Furniture 12 years ago. Vogel says he sold all three of his furniture businesses two years ago, however he kept the properties.

Vogel says two years ago he received an offer "he couldn't refuse" from a company called E.D.F. Services Inc.

In October of last year those owners were being investigated by the State Attorney General for duping customers with pricing schemes, and not making good on delivery dates. Vogel says the name Affordable Furniture has been tarnished and now he is trying to bring back a good furniture store.

"To be honest with you I only know what I read in the newspaper. I did not have any involvement in the store since I sold it." Vogel said.

After E.D.F. closed the furniture stores doors, near Christmas time, Vogel bought back the business.

He says he is hoping to bring back a reputable furniture store despite the current economy.

"I think when the economy is tougher, I think people are more conscious about how they spend their money. I think they will shop around a little bit more, and really compare prices, and that will speak for it's self." said Vogel.

Vogel says he hopes to have the store back open by March.

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