4 local men in 1 family served our country

By Hilary Lane

Utica - In the Dundon Family, all four men have served our country.

The three brothers are veterans and were inspired to join the military by their father, who was a soldier in World War II. He often shared his wartime stories with his sons.

The oldest Dundon son, Jim, was drafted into the Navy first.

He served two tours in Vietnam and says the skills that he learned has shaped him into the person he is today.

"Nothing handed to you, you earn it.," said Jim Dundon. "You learn responsibility. You cover your butt, you cover your buddies butt. I think it's a learning experience and everyone should experience it."

The youngest Dundon son, Scott, said serving in the military is in his blood.

"He joined and my other brother joined and that was something I had to, wanted to, keep in the family," said Scott Dundon." Pride in my country and willing to give up my life for my country. "

The Dundon brothers remind us that freedom isn't free and we should honor and remember the sacrifices of those who have served and are currently serving our country on this Veterans day and every day of the year.

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