4-year-old saves mother's life in City of Rome


PROSPECT, N.Y. (WKTV) -- It was late afternoon when Aly Dahlke found her mother suffering from a seizure.

"I tried shaking her and jumping on the bed. So I tried waking her up and I yelled, 'Mommy wake up, wake up,' so she wouldn't wake up 'cause she was sick and I realized she puked," said Aly Dahlke.

Just four years old, Aly jumped into action.

"I thought she was going to die so I called my dad," she said.

"She called me and said, "Daddy can you come here quick mommy's really sick," and I said, 'Well can you give her the phone, let me talk to her and she said she's not waking up, so I said 'alright baby, I'm on my way," said Will Dahlke, Ally's father.

As soon as he got his daughter's call he jumped in his truck and raced to help. Then he called 9-1-1.

An ambulance transported Jennifer to the hospital. Thanks to her young daughter, she's going to be okay. Will says he taught Aly what to do in an emergency, but he's still amazed.

"To pick up a phone, unlock it and manually dial my phone number not once, but twice and call for help and say I need to get there quick, I was like wow, totally blown away," said Will.

He hopes other parents will hear their story and not take any chances.

"Start teaching phone numbers and what to do if there's ever somebody sick or lost or anything go to a policeman or store worker. Just pick up the phone, call, teach them how to use it," he said.

Now when he looks at Aly, he sees more than his four-year-old daughter, he sees a hero.

"She's a very remarkable girl, I'm so proud of her," said Will.

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