Oneida County granted new tool to fight lead poisoning


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Oneida County was awarded with an $1,850 dollar Community Health Award for the health departments lead primary prevention program.

The funds have already been spent on 7 new High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters or HEPA vacuums.

These vacuums can remove 99.97% of lead dust particles according to County Executive Anthony Picente.

Oneida County now has a total of 13 HEPA vacuums available to anyone in the county with a valid drivers license.

Lead particles pose significant health hazards especially to young or unborn children.

"The Utica area has one of the higher incidences of lead poisoning in the state, and its very dangerous to young children, interrupts the development to the neurology of the brain so children at very young ages with lead poising could have disadvantages all their life," said Environmental Health Director Daniel Gilmore.

For more information on Oneida County's lead prevention program you are asked to call the Health Department at (315) 798-5064

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