Family of suspect speaks out in case of teen lit on fire


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The trial continues in the case of Kyle Edick, the 18-year-old who is accused of setting a 19-year-old friend on fire during what is being called "a prank gone bad" on January 3rd. Friday in court, his family testified.

There was actually a conference between attorneys and the judge in Herkimer County Court to discuss a violation of Kyle Edick's probation from a prior case.

It was in Edick's grandparents’ garage where Edick had friends over, and another teen caught the prank on a camera cell phone.

Police say it was the type of prank you see on reality television shows where young people do stupid stuff just for laughs.

Police say a week after the incident, the cell phone video started circulating at Dolgeville High School, and after that they brought the charges of first degree assault against Edick.

They say the victim suffered second degree burns to his abdomen and arms.

NEWSChannel 2 was in court during the trial and spoke with Kyle Edick's aunt, Laurie Gordon who issued this statement:

"We are seeking proper and full investigation into the case, and we want to see that everyone is atoned for their actions. Our family took the victim to the hospital four days after the incident. We are paying the medical bills and the hospital didn't treat him. They told him to put ointment on a little burn, there was no physical injury. Testimony and fact finding will reveal the truth, someone else poured the kerosene. My nephew is taking the brunt of it and there was more than Kyle involved in this prank."

Prosecutors say this case will soon be heard by a grand jury.
Kyle Edick remains in the Herkimer County Jail on $50,000.

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