Local bowl-a-thon benefit remembers fallen soldier


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - On Sunday, a Big Brothers Big Sisters benefit bowl-a-thon was held in memory of 22-year-old Lance Corporal Daniel Geary who was killed on Friday in Afghanistan. He grew up bowling at King Pin Lanes in Rome.

Rome residents say they are very proud of one of their own who lost their life fighting for our country. Organizers say the local kids now have a true hero to look up to.     

Sharleen Moulton who runs the program says, "It just shows that he was a really wonderful young man that just wanted to serve his country and we're hoping that by having a program like this, a lot of our kids can grow up to be that type of individual as well."
Craig Vogel owns King Pin Lanes in Rome. He says he remembers the day last year when Daniel Geary came back to visit. Vogel says, "He walked into the pro shop and he was standing tall, not a high school kid of slumping around but a U.S. Marine who walked in with his shoulders back, standing up, just proud to be a Marine."
Craig Vogel says his heart goes out to his close friends, the parents of Daniel Geary, and that they could not be more proud of their son, "He wanted to grow up and he joined the marines, it was an amazing transformation from a young boy to a proud marine and I believe he represented Rome and his country very well."

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